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The PAYLAX escrow protection guarantees maximum security when conducting transactions among strangers.

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Buy and sell safely with the step-by-step processing of PAYLAX

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    Buyer and seller agree on price
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    Buyer deposits the money on the escrow account
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    Seller hands over the goods or service
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    Seller receives the money in real time after approval
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    SSL/TLS encryption

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    Server location Germany

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    Regulated banking partner

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    Insolvency protected escrow accounts

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Volume of created digital escrow payments in 2020

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This isHow it works

1. Buyer and seller agree on price
2. Buyer deposits the money on the escrow account
3. Seller hands over the goods or service
4. Seller receives the money in real time after approval

Buyer Protection

The seller does not receive the money until the buyer has received and verified the goods or service. The release must be made via the PAYLAX account of the buyer.

What happens if the seller does not deliver or if the product/service has defects?

Seller Protection

The buyer cannot withdraw the money without the express consent of the seller. It is not necessary to pass on bank details to the buyer

What happens if the buyer does not release the money?

Your Escrow ServiceFor secure payments

Your next digital camera, smartwatch or dream car - with PAYLAX you can buy and sell worry-free on online marketplaces such as eBay-Kleinanzeigen or used car exchanges like AutoScout24. Even the secure handling of deposits for your next apartment is no problem with PAYLAX.

PAYLAX - protects buyers and sellers against fraud


PAYLAX can be used for goods, services and deposits - private and commercial.


Luxury items

Watches, works of art, jewellery, antiques and other valuables

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Second-hand goods

Safe buying and selling in market places like ebay, ebay-kleinanzeigen or shpock

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Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and machines, also on market places like

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Craftsmen's and gardening work, forwarding agents, programming services


Digital goods

Social media accounts, internet domains or gaming profiles

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Apartments, holiday homes, mobile homes, vehicles, heavy machinery

Advantages forbuyers & sellers


Safe, secure & no advance payment risk

The buyer can convince himself of the quality before the seller receives the money. The seller does not pay until the buyer has irrevocably deposited the money in the insolvency-protected escrow account.


Fair & transparent

The step-by-step process guarantees fair and transparent handling. Deliberate fraud is excluded, as no goods are delivered or money is paid out without appropriate consideration.
A payout or refund of money is only made in agreement between both parties.



Carefree cooperation across country borders - PAYLAX supports deposits and withdrawals in 119 countries and the currencies EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD and CAD.

More than just online payments

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Step 1

Send or request money

Use WhatsApp, text messages or email to send your escrow payments. Your business partner can join the payment in a snap and pay the bill.

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