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How do I create a escrow payment?

To create an escrow payment, you must be logged in to your PAYLAX account. There you have the possibility to create a new escrow payment via the button "Create Escrow Payment".

The first thing you have to do is specify whether you want to send or request money when making the trust payment. Then select a transaction type. Depending on the type of transaction you chose (goods, services or deposit), the escrow process adapts to your needs. Once you have entered and saved the details of the transaction, you can then invite your esrow partner by email, text message or WhatsApp.

How do I invite my trustee partner to a escrow payment?

After you have created a escrow payment, you can immediately invite your business partner to the escrow payment. You can decide whether to send him a PAYLAX link by e-mail or by smartphone SMS or WhatsApp to the escrow payment.

How can I join a escrow payment?

If you have received an invitation by email, text message or WhatsApp, the link will take you directly to the detail view of the escrow payment. Do not worry, you will not automatically join the escrow payment by clicking on the link. You can carefully review the details of the escrow payment before you join.

What forms of payment are available at PAYLAX?

The following payment methods are available to the payer:

Credit Card VISA & MasterCard

3DSecure must be activated for the credit card. Can be used for payments up to 2.500.


If you have received money from a sale or a price adjustment, you can use this credit to pay. There is no limit for this payment method.

Manual bank transfer

Please note that the amount and reference of the manual bank transfer are correct, otherwise your transfer cannot be assigned and there will be a delay. There is no limit for this payment method.

Instant Transfer by Klarna

For this payment method, you need a bank account in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain or Italy with online access. Can be used for payments of up to 2.500.

What is the maximum allowed transaction limit for PAYLAX payments?

In general there is no transaction limit. However, per default we only allow transactions up to 250.000€. If you wish to increase this limit write us an email to service@paylax.de.

What is 3DSecure?

3DSecure is a security mechanism used by credit card companies to prevent the misuse of your credit card in the event of loss or theft. 3DSecure is active at most banks. If this is not the case, please contact your bank or publisher of your credit card to activate 3DSecure. Often the activation is also possible via your online banking portal.

Can I deposit or withdraw via transferwise.com?

Deposits via transferwise.com are possible. Withdrawals can be made to multi-currency accounts at transferwise.
Important: Please make sure that you use the correct IBAN for the respective currency when withdrawing funds!

How do I release a escrow payment?

If the goods or services have been delivered or accomplished as agreed, you are obliged under the terms and conditions to immediately release the escrow payment. Please go to the detailed view of your escrow payment and click on the button "release money".

You and your trust partner will be informed directly about the release and completion of the trust payment.

How do I make a price adjustment?

Price adjustments can only be made by the seller, service provider or landlord. A price adjustment can be made in the detail view of the escrow payment. The new price may not be higher than the original price. After you have made the price adjustment, your business partner will be informed and can agree to the price adjustment or reject it.

How can I accept or reject a price adjustment?

If your business partner has sent you a price adjustment, you can accept the new price and thus conclude the escrow payment or refuse the price adjustment and leave the escrow payment open.

You can accept or reject the price adjustment by following the link in the info mail or by viewing the appropriate escrow payment in your PAYLAX account.

How can I cancel a escrow payment?

Both sides can cancel the transaction before receiving the money on the escrow account.

After the money has been entered into the escrow account, cancellation requests can only be made by the recipient of a trust payment. An abort request can be made in the detail view of the trust payment.

Attention! Cancellations can not be canceled themselves. The money will be returned directly to the sender of the money after a cancellation.

Note: A deposit process can not be canceled. A cancellation is basically the same as the release of the deposit.

As a seller, how do I start the automatic payout period?

If you have shipped the goods or performed the service properly, you can specify this in your PAYLAX account in the detailed view of the escrow payment. As soon as you have clicked on the "Sent goods" or "Service provided" button, the automatic payout period starts. The default payout period is 10 days, but can be adjusted when creating the escrow payment.
After this period has expired, the money is automatically forwarded to the seller or service provider. The buyer can object to the payment by clicking the "Report problem" or "Stop automatic payment" button in the detailed view of the trustee payment within the time limit in his PAYLAX account.
After the automatic payment has been stopped, the money will only be forwarded when the buyer releases the money or the buyer accepts a price adjustment or cancellation of the trustee payment.

How can I send a message to my business partner?

You can send messages to your escrow via your PAYLAX account in the detail view of the escrow payments.