Your reliant protection for online sales

Your digital camera on ebay-Kleinanzeigen, your bike on Shpock or your dream car on Autoscout24 - with PAYLAX you can buy & sell securely anytime.

The smart payment solution

For high priced goods

You found your desired item online?

But you want to make sure it is in a good condition before the seller receives your money? No problem when you use PAYLAX.

The money you deposit stays on the escrow account until you received and controlled the desired item.

In his own interest the seller will make sure that you are satisfied. This is how easy online shopping can be.

Advantages for


Fraud-Free Online Shopping

Der PAYLAX-Escrowprotection offers maximum security and prevents fraud.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Make sure the item is in a good condition before the seller receives your money.

No transmitting of personal data

The integrated chat allows easy communication without giving away personal informatio.

Cashless Payment On-Site

Payments are made in realtime and can be controlled via smartphone.

Advantages for


Selling Risk Free

The step-by-step process prevents fraud and ensures fair completion.

Secure Paymentmethods

Offer different payment methods to your buyers for a fast and secure completion of the payment.

Irrevocable Payout

After the buyer released the money, it cannot be revoked.

Trusted Buyers

Identification of PAYLAX-Users via personal ID increases trust between business partners.