Protect yourself from criminals

Times of crisis offer favourable conditions for fraudsters, as unfortunately also in times of Corona. The Stiftung Warentest informs about dubious business with breathing masks, disinfectants and points out different scams.
Dubious online traders and fake shops, which offer protective masks and disinfectants against advance payment, among other things, play a major role. However, once the money has been transferred, customers wait in vain for the goods.

If you find out about your business partner, you can quickly see whether there is a possible fraud behind an online shop:

  • Realistic prices:
    Offers that are too good to be true should make you wonder. Prices that are significantly lower than those of other merchants can be a sign of fraud. Do not rely on a professional-looking website - even fake shops can look very reputable.
  • Internet research:
    Check the shop via a search engine. If you don't find any results, reviews or experience reports, be sceptical.
  • Imprint:
    A missing or incomplete imprint can be a reference to a fake shop.

For further information on recognising fake shops, please contact the consumer advice centre .

With PAYLAX you can protect yourself against these fraudsters. Fraudsters would not engage in an escrow service.
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