Securley request and pay deposits

No matter if you want to rent or lease a holiday flat for the next holiday or a machine - with the escrow service PAYLAX you can handle the security deposit fast and easy

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Security Deposits

You have found your dream holiday home online?

But you do not want to transfer the deposit or first installment in advance to a unknown person? Using PAYLAX this is not a problem.

Your deposited money stays on the escrow account until you leave the appartment. You will receive your deposit back at the hand-over of keys when your vacation is over.

The tenant and the landlord can be sure that the deposit is securely stored until the end of the renting period.

This isHow it works

1. Create deposit payment

Create a deposit payment and then invite the tenant by email, SMS or WhatsApp. You can also send the payment link yourself or attach it to your invoice.

2. Hand over rental object

The tenant joins the deposit payment and deposits the agreed amount of money by credit card (VISA / MasterCard), IMMEDIATELY (Klarna) or bank transfer on the escrow account. PAYLAX will inform you when the money has been received and you can then hand over the rental object.

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3. Refund deposit

Once you have received and checked the rental item, release the deposit in real time via PAYLAX. Your tenant will immediately receive confirmation of the release and can now arrange for a free withdrawal to his bank account. An adjustment of the repayment amount is also possible.

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Whether machines for construction and agriculture or industrial machines, rental apartments, holiday apartments, electrical appliances, mobile homes or film and photographic equipment - PAYLAX allows you to securely request and manage deposits at any time.

Advantages for


No bad surprises

PAYLAX-Escrowprotection secures your deposit until the end of the renting period and prevents fraud.

Cashless Settlement

Transfer the deposit easily via credit card or bank transfer.

Everything at hand

Using your PAYLAX-Account you stay in control of your deposit.

Easy Communication

The integrated chat allows you to contact the landlord without giving away personal information.

Advantages for


Secure Completion

You will receive the security deposit in advance and you stay in control of the payout to the tenant.

Dynamic deposit payout

If there are damages you can change the amount which is payed out to the tenant.

Clear Adminitstration

Easy control your deposits via your PAYLAX-Account.

Also suitable for paying rent

The escrow-service of PAYLAX can also be used to pay rent.

Are you running a marketplace, online shop or an online platform?

Offer your customers a secure and simple payment method and increase their confidence in your platform.


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Adelheid G. - Landlord holiday flats

PAYLAX has two main advantages: 1. the deposit can be refunded on site with one click and 2. if required, part of the deposit can be retained directly.

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