Book services online without concers using PAYLAX

If it is creating a website, renovating your bathroom or paying the moving helpers for your new appartment - using PAYLAX you only pay for what you ordered.

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The smart payment solution

for online business

You found the right service provider online?

With PAYLAX you can check the result before the service provider receives his money.

The money you deposit stays on the escrow account until work is done and controlled by you.

In his own interest the service provider will make sure that you are satisfied.

This isHow it works

1. Create escrow payment and send payment link

The seller creates an escrow payment via the PAYLAX dashboard and sends the payment link to the buyer.

2. Buyer deposits the money on the escrow account

The buyer opens the payment link and deposits the purchase amount in an insolvency court escrow account. Depending on the transaction volume, the buyer can choose from the following payment methods.

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3. Seller hands over the goods or service

PAYLAX informs the salesman about the safe receipt of money and he can arrange now carefree the delivery of the commodity or the contribution of the service.

4. Seller receives the money in real time after approval

After the buyer has received and verified the goods or service, the money is irrevocably transferred to the seller.

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Buyer Protection

The seller does not receive the money until the buyer has received and verified the goods or service. The release must be made via the PAYLAX account of the buyer.

What happens if the seller does not deliver or if the product/service has defects?

Seller Protection

The buyer cannot withdraw the money without the express consent of the seller. It is not necessary to pass on bank details to the buyer

What happens if the buyer does not release the money?

Advantages for


Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you pay the renovation of your kitchen with PAYLAX, the craftsman will receive your money first when you checked his work.

Secure Step-by-Step completion

PAYLAX-Escrowprotection offers a maximum of security and prevents fraud.

Clear Presentation

With your PAYLAX-Account you can always keep a eye on your escrow payments.

Easy Administration

The settlement process is in real time and can be controlled via your smartphone.

Advantages for

Service Providers

100% secured funds

Your money stays on insolvency-protected escrow-accounts and can always be payed out.

Irrevocable Payout

After your customer released the money, it cannot be revoked.

Risk-Free New Customer Business

Using PAYLAX for payments you can be sure that your customer has enough money to pay for your service - even before you begin your work. This is a big advantage for freelancers and small businesses.

Fraud-Free Completion

Escrow-Protection prevents fraud in the payment process in advance.

Are you running a marketplace, online shop or an online platform?

Offer your customers a secure and simple payment method and increase their confidence in your platform.


our customers say about us

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Harald S. - Sanitation

We are very satisfied with the escrow service. Our clients show that they have the financial means and are willing to pay for the agreed service.

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